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Do you also suffer from the #1 Fear that most individuals have regarding their future?

It’s not being bored, unable to travel or even death itself that scares most individuals most about retirement...

it’s running out of money.

Let’s be honest… Have you ever asked these Questions?

  • Will I have enough money or will my current retirement plan run out of money before I die?

  • If I lost my job or business income, could I really pay all my bills for 9 months?

  • What happens to my family financially if I experience a serious health issue and can't work?

For me, I was forced to ask these real-life questions because I experienced so many unexpected challenges that...


My life was literally turned upside down with explosion after explosion.


Not knowing how I was going to make it, I was forced to my knees because the pressure was just too much. 


I was stressed...


... on the brink of financial ruin

I felt so much stress because I faced these life issues...

  • 3 Deaths within 9 months

    My brother Sean (2 years younger) dies in February. Just 7 months later, my brother Greg (8 years younger) dies in September. And then 2 months later, My closest friend mentor Bill dies Thanksgiving week in November.

  • Devastating Divorce 

    My marriage of 12 years ends in a long, bitter and expensive divorce.

  • Children Suffering

    My children encounter trauma and suffer tremendous pain.

  • My Dad Dies

    My father dies unexpectedly from a heart attack.

  • Serious Health Issue

    The doctor says that I have a serious health issue which is a total shock.

  • Financial Ruin

    I feel tremendous stress from not being able to pay my bills... my credit score goes to the gutter... 

    I'm on the brink of financial ruin.

Forced to the edge of death (emotional, physical, and financial), I had just 2 options…


Either I would die or I would breakthrough


Regarding my money situation, I had to figure out a way to transform my pain and fear into freedom and joy.


And that’s what I did… 


Marlon Smith

For the last 28+ years, Marlon has dedicated his life to helping Individuals and families maximize their true potential.

​In addition to being a semi-finalist for Oprah's BIG GIVE, Marlon is...

  • International Keynote Speaker - Marlon has given presentations in 45 states and 18 countries.

  • Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author - 

    Marlon's books, podcasts and leadership curriculum are transforming lives.

  • CFEI (Certified Financial Education Instructor) -

    Marlon's training seminars are empowering individuals and families to create legacy wealth. 

So, what about you?

How are you doing financially?


Do you have peace regarding your money


Do you have concerns (like most individuals) not knowing if you'll have enough money to live comfortably in your future?

What if you could remove the blocks preventing you from living your ideal life?

What if you could know for certain that you will not run out of money?

What if you could experience joy, peace and fun every single day of your life?


Well, It's Possible...

Money Mastery Blueprint 

This 21-Day Money Mastery Blueprint will help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Learn safe retirement investments so you experience joy and freedom in your future.

  • Master money strategies so money works for you instead of being on the never-ending treadmill just working and working.

  • Experience your ideal life by having greater clarity and balance by living with purpose. 

Here's What You'll Get

This 21-Day Money Mastery Blueprint is designed to inspire you... to empower you with real-life Legacy Wealth strategies... and to celebrate you and your new results.

Benefit #1 -- 21 Modules (value: $1,997)

You will receive lifetime access to our 21 interactive and fun Money Mastery modules.  These modules include fun videos, audios and leadership forms. Some of the topics include...

  • Winning Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom NOW and in the Future with True Health and Wealth.

  • Removing any Mental Blocks and Negative Energy preventing you from experiencing Legacy Wealth

  • Gaining Clarity on Your Life Purpose, Values and Mission so You Enjoy Life with More Fun and Freedom 

Benefit #2 -- Lifetime Community (value: Priceless)

Research studies indicate that it is critically important for individuals to reinforce winning habits for long-term success.  You will receive lifetime access to our Money Mastery Blueprint community.  Benefits include:

  • Receive continued encouragement and support when you encounter real-life situations.  Our community will definitely celebrate your successes.

  • Be able to post your questions 24/7 in our community and receive feedback from our active community of positive individuals who are passionate about making a positive difference.

  • Give support to others by sharing your insights and success strategies and feel GREAT because there is POWER when we give to others. 

Benefit #3 -- VIP Coaching (value: $497)

  • Access to our weekly Group Coaching Zoom Calls where you will be able to connect with other like-minded individuals who are committed to growing.

  • All Group Coaching Zoom Calls are recorded so you will have lifetime access.

  • In addition to the weekly Group Coaching sessions, you will also receive two private one-on-one coaching sessions because it's important that you receive personalized feedback so you achieve your desired outcomes.

Benefit #4 -- Live Seminar Tickets (value: $997)

You will receive two complimentary tickets to our Money Mastery Blueprint Empowerment Summit in Charlotte, NC. During this event, you will: 

  • Learn more strategies for creating LEGACY WEALTH from winning leaders and experts 

  • Network with other committed individuals and receive accountability partners so you continue the positive momentum long after the summit has concluded.

  • Develop your Goals-Affirmation Collage, Mission Statement and top-7 Values to reinforce your success.

Benefit #5 -- Personalized Money Mastery Blueprint Plan  (value: Priceless)

Our team of professionals do not just stop at teaching theory.  We believe in the POWER of ACTION.  Therefore, you will receive your customized Money Mastery Blueprint Plan so you and your family may implement a financial game plan that allows you to...

  • Achieve Financial Freedom customized and tailored for you and your family.

  • Experience greater peace of mind and financial security.

  • Plan for securing your family's financial wealth even if you suffer a challenging health issue or an unexpected death happens, 

What Influencers are Saying About Marlon...

Marlon has received standing ovations from all over the world because people feel his sincerity as he shares real-life strategies that work.

Marlon is a modern master motivator. His enthusiastic wisdom and brilliance will open your heart, soul, and mind. Expect to have your greatness awakened, embraced, stirred, enchanted, and captured to go courageously forward to achieve your dreams, goals, and ideal future.

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-author of International Best-Selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series

I have experienced Marlon Smith in multiple business group and networking settings and found him to be energetic, encouraging, and knowledgeable in the area of family financial matters. Marlon is the epitome of a committed coach. In addition to being a devoted father, he is an accomplished speaker, author, and businessman. Marlon is always eager to share his pearls of financial wisdom and support other men, women, and families on their journey.

Donna Maria Johnson

The Lifestyle CEO

Marlon Smith is the master motivator. His passion to help others is the
driving force behind his business and speaking success.  He has dedicated
his life to the pursuit of mental, financial and spiritual mastery and is
committed to help others do the same. Acknowledging and helping people
release their gifts comes easily and naturally for Marlon as it is his gift
to those who work with him

Dr. Matt Mannino

Neuroscience Expert

Marlon Smith is absolutely an incredible speaker, motivator and innovator in the field of personal development.  Having known Marlon for many years, I have personally witnessed his dedication to excellence.

Tanya Thomas

Corporate Executive Coach

Marlon is making a true difference! His impactful words have inspired countless people across the globe. And, he continues to serve as a beacon of possibility for those who are ready to master their money.

Michael Quan

Breakthrough Millionaire Podcast Host

Marlon Smith is able to connect powerful messages to programmatic themes better than any other presenter I've encountered in my professional career and his words leave a lasting impact on youth and adults alike.

Jamie Sierfeld

Teen Institue Director

Marlon is a man on a mission…a mission to help more people make the right choices and obtain their ultimate success.

Les Brown

World Renown Motivational Speaker


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Marlon Smith

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